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MLB | Jan 15, 2024 | 2 min read

When MLB Playoff Tickets Go On Sale & How To Get Them

Written by
Patrick Dilworth
mlb playoff tickets go on sale

The boys of summer eventually become the boys of fall — and that’s when the action on the baseball diamond really starts to heat up. From sold-out crowds to walk-off hits to elimination games, the emotion and stakes are high as teams look to play their way into the World Series. Ticket prices, however, can also be high. That’s why it’s important to know how to get MLB playoff tickets. A big part of it is knowing when they go on sale. So when will MLB playoff tickets go on sale? Let’s take a look.

So just when do MLB playoff tickets go on sale? It really depends on when the playoffs start and whether your team has secured a postseason bid. The playoffs tend to start in either late September or early October, and teams may not clinch a postseason berth until the very last day of the regular season. Tickets tend to be posted when playoff berths are secured, so be on the lookout for playoff ticket information soon after your team clinches the division or a Wild Card berth.

How to Get MLB Playoff Tickets

When do MLB postseason tickets go on sale and how do you get MLB playoff tickets? It’s something that’s far easier said than done, but if you’re already a season ticket holder, then you’re likely to get first dibs on them — and at the lowest possible price. Not a season ticket holder? There tends to be an opportunity to purchase tickets or at least enter your name into a ticket lottery depending on the demand. You’ll likely have to act fast to give yourself a chance. Buying tickets directly from the team and avoiding the secondary market is always likely to be the most affordable option.

Partnering With TiqAssist

One of the biggest benefits of being a season ticket holder is being able to be first in line to purchase playoff tickets. And if you have tickets and can’t make the game, it’s only natural to want to get them to someone who can attend. That’s where TiqAssist comes in. At TiqAssist, we make MLB ticket resale simple by getting them to fans who want to be at the game and also helping you sell your tickets for higher than their original price. Come playoff time, everyone wants to get in on the fun. TiqAssist makes any ticket transaction seamless and easy. Contact us today for more information and to get started.

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