About Us

Our mission is to improve the experience of owning season tickets by creating the easiest and most stress-free way for season ticket holders to resell their unused tickets.

Meet The Founders

Chris Babu

Chris of LAAC in front of basketball hoop

Founder and CEO

As a long-time season ticket holder for NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS teams, I wanted to make the most painful part of owning season tickets (selling tickets) as stress-free as possible. Being a busy manager at a tech company, selling tickets was the last priority in a busy day.

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When I finally got around to listing the tickets, I’d already missed the peak sale prices. Then, the market prices would be dropping during the day, and all of a sudden my tickets were way overpriced. I chased the downward price trend, only to end up eating the tickets or giving away to friends. Also I realized trying to compete with brokers who had better market knowledge and tools was a battle I couldn’t win.” 

Thinking there had to be a better way, he leveraged his analytics capabilities and frustrations as a season ticket holder to develop solutions for people like himself. 

“You tap “LIST” in your dashboard and your work is done. Selling experts take over and you can relax, every seat you list with us is guaranteed to sell.”

Jamie Zimmerman

man by subway in City basketball shirt

Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer

“Chris and I have gone to a LOT of Warriors games together. Owning season tickets for nearly a decade, we’ve been to almost every Finals game in the bay. I’d always ask him how much he sold his seats for, and every time it was $20, $50, $100 more per seat. How is that possible when our seats were in the same row, right next to each other?! I was too busy to really manage my seats, so I told him to sell mine and charge me a fee. That day, TiqAssist was born.

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A few years later, I decided to join the company to focus on bringing this successful business model to more sports franchises. During the pandemic, we’ve built a technology suite that is simple for season ticket holders to use. It’s so simple, my biggest concern is that people will think it’s not real. It is. 


We think that Season Ticket Holders deserve an experience that prioritizes their needs. We want our customers to be sports fans, not amateur ticket brokers. Our proprietary technology does the work for you, and we are prepared to launch TiqAssist nationwide when fans are back in stadiums.”

Built for Season Ticket Holders, by Season Ticket Holders.

Our leadership team has owned season tickets for several years in NBA, MLB and NHL franchises, and understands the experience you typically get from resale marketplaces.

We want to make the season ticket holder experience simple, and let our customers focus on being fans. Our CEO was in analytics at a major ticket re-seller, and left to create customer service for season ticket holders. Learn more about our company and leadership team below.

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