Tickets listed for resale with TiqAssist may appear on marketplaces above face value.

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A premium ticket resale service for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS season ticket holders

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Sell Your Season Tickets

TiqAssist supports most season ticket package options. We evaluate your entire ticket package rather than the point at which you enrolled with us
(beginning, middle, or end of your season).

  • Full Season
    Ticket Package
    This package contains the entire season. You own and have access to list and sell any game of the season.
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  • Partial Season
    Ticket Package
    This package contains only part of the season. You only purchased and can sell a portion of the season (e.g. half, quarter, mini package) or share the season with other people – in this scenario, you can also share your TiqAssist dashboard!
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  • Playoff
    This package is in addition to your season ticket package. We handle all playoff ticket sales. Also, we purchase playoff packages (along with a cash incentive) if you do not opt to purchase yours.
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