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NFL Resale Power Rankings

With many fans and season ticket holders looking to get value from the games they’re not going to, it’s important to note that there are a variety of factors that drive supply and demand for each NFL franchise. The Bears, Jets, Giants and Rams were three of the biggest losers in this Week’s Rankings, which take into account the average of the median ticket price on resale markets for each game. These teams suffered from three of the most common drivers for ticket price volatility:

  • Injury (Aaron Rodgers, Saquon Barkley)
  • Team Performance (The Bears are an ugly 0-2)
  • Strength of Schedule (The Rams no longer have the Niners on their home slate)

It’s important to note that five of our bottom eight teams are currently 2-0. If this is surprising, it shouldn’t be. It is much easier to plummet in resale value than rise over the course of a season, another reason to list tickets early if you’re not going to a game.

To help simplify your understanding of each team’s current resale value, TiqAssist will rank every team by average median list price for home games throughout the season. With the NFL season kickoff, here are the Resale Rankings from top to bottom for Week 3 of the NFL season!