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NFL Resale Power Rankings

Football is back! Many season ticket holders are looking to get value from the games they’re not going to. It’s important to note that there are a variety of factors that drive supply and demand for each NFL franchise. Some key components for NFL Season Ticket Resale are:

  • Location of the venue – Who wants to see a game in Buffalo in December? While the Frozen Tundra may be a draw for some, the venue’s location will affect demand.
  • Number of fans for visiting teams – You see the cheese heads on TV, the Steelers and Cowboys fans swamping a stadium. Franchises with larger fan bases drive demand up. 
  • Health of the starting quarterback – Fans don’t want to pay to see a backup QB running the show. If a star player is hurt, typically QB1, then the Season Ticket Resale value will drop with lower demand over a few weeks
  • Team performance – At the beginning of the season, everyone is 0 – 0, but you’ll see teams slip from the Season Ticket Power Rankings when losses start to pile up. 

To help simplify your understanding of each team’s current resale value, TiqAssist will rank every team by average median list price for home games throughout the season. With the NFL season kickoff, here are the Season Ticket Resale rankings from top to bottom for week 1 of the NFL!