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NFL Resale Power Rankings

What an exciting Week 1 of the NFL season! A lot happened on the field, and a lot happened week to week in the world of ticket resale too. After a season ending achilles injury, Aaron Rodgers boldly claimed that he would “rise again.” While that might be true, the Jets resale value… probably won’t rise again to where it was to start this season.

And neither will the value of teams like the Patriots, who had Week 1 prices driven up by the Brady appearance and were expecting Aaron Rodgers to boost the value of a late season matchup. Those two teams and the Vikings (who were upset by Baker Mayfield’s Bucs and dropped nearly $20 in value) were the biggest losers in this week’s rankings due to three of the most common factors for ticket value fluctuation:

  • Injury to a star player
  • Value of an opponent
  • Declining team performance

List your seats early to avoid that fluctuation!

Many season ticket holders are looking to get value from the games they’re not going to. It’s important to note that there are a variety of factors that drive supply and demand for each NFL franchise,

To help simplify your understanding of each team’s current resale value, TiqAssist will rank every team by average median list price for home games throughout the season. With the NFL season kickoff, here are the Resale Rankings from top to bottom for Week 2 of the NFL season!