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General | Jan 15, 2024 | 2 min read

What Is A Personal Seat License?

Written by
Patrick Dilworth
Personal Seat License at an NFL Stadium

Personal Seat Licenses 101

Are you a die-hard NFL fan looking to purchase season tickets for your favorite team? If so, you need to learn about personal seat licenses (PSLs) and why they are important. What is a personal seat license? Simply put, it’s a way franchise owners have found to help cover the costs of their new stadiums by putting some of the burden on their fanbase. Personal seat licenses, which you must pay for, enable you to purchase season tickets at a given stadium. PSLs not only give you first dibs on season ticket plans, but they also allow you early access to any concerts or events at the stadium for that year.

Unfortunately, PSLs have become the new norm — and they are causing the ticket prices to skyrocket. Although there are still some outliers, most NFL teams now require personal seat licenses in order to purchase season tickets. If you own a PSL and do not wish to renew season tickets next year, your license gets forfeited back to the team unless you are able to sell it to another fan.

NFL fans who have purchased personal seat licenses.

How Much Do Personal Seat Licenses Cost?

Personal seat license prices can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more than $100,000, depending on the location of the seat and the popularity of the team. Some other factors that may affect these prices include the recent success of the team or condition of the stadium. However, it is mostly a question of the size of the fanbase and what most fans are willing to pay. As a result, it’s impossible to compare the prices of PSLs accurately and fairly in different stadiums around the National Football League.

How TiqAssist Can Help

As you can imagine, most season ticket holders are not thrilled with the additional cost to purchase their season ticket plans. Fortunately, partnering with TiqAssist can help you recoup some of those lost dollars with dedicated season ticket management. Even if you don’t attend most games, holding onto your season tickets (and NFL seat license) makes more sense if you know it will be easy to sell your unused tickets. When you partner with TiqAssist for NFL season ticket resale, we guarantee your tickets will sell, even if we have to buy them ourselves. Contact us to learn more, and don’t let personal seat license costs scare you out of your tickets!

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