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General | Jan 16, 2024 | 3 min read

Best Tailgating Foods: Top Appetizers & Dips

Written by
Patrick Dilworth
A spread of the best tailgating foods

Nothing says gameday like a full-fledged tailgate with the most epic pregame grub. No matter what sports team you root for, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: It’s a win when you have the best tailgating foods at your fingertips. From the season ticket holders who know tailgates the best, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest and most popular tailgate foods so you can start preparing for an ultimate pregame experience. Read on to explore the various fare that can satiate your hungry guests.

Best Tailgating Foods: Top 5 Tailgate Appetizers

Cheesy chicken/beef nachos: One of the easiest and most iconic gameday necessities is having a big nacho tray with all the fixings. Have some fun with it and go wild with toppings — you can never have too much!

Jalapeno poppers: A simple jalapeno popper recipe goes a long way with the right crowd and can easily become a delectable finger food at your tailgate. Wrapping various foods in bacon will make them stand out, but these MVPs need no introduction. They’re also one of the best tailgating foods for those who enjoy spicy nosh.

Hot dog bites: These mini pigs in a blanket are a classic and agree with almost everyone’s pallet. They are also incredibly easy to make — just wrap some cut-up hot dogs in a pastry crust and bake to perfection.

Chicken wings: Whether you cater them or prefer to make a healthier version at home, you can’t have a real tailgate without chicken wings. Check out this recipe for baked chicken wings and be the hero of your tailgate party.

Cheeseburger sliders: Who doesn’t love handheld foods? These mini cheeseburgers can be prepared in countless ways. For instance, you can add bacon, grilled onions or specialty sauces to make them truly special. Turn on the grill and start sizzling!

Football fans cooking the top tailgate foods

Best Tailgating Foods: Top 6 Tailgate Dips

Creamy queso dip: Whether you take the traditional route with a classic queso dip recipe or you spice it up with red pepper or jalapeños, you can’t go wrong with this delicious snack. Consider a white queso dip if you’re feeling dangerous.

Spinach/artichoke dip: You can’t talk about party dips without mentioning this timeless classic. Whether it’s cold or hot, a classic spinach and artichoke dip always turns heads.

Buffalo chicken dip: Another fan favorite that demands attention is buffalo chicken dip. Check out this mouthwatering recipe — it will be gone before you know it!

Dill pickle dip: An underrated, zesty favorite that’s easier to make than you think. Just make sure you have potato chips. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for dill pickle dip.

Elote corn dip: Off the beaten path, this elote dip recipe showcases Mexican street corn in a new light. Treat your guests to this unexpected dish and make your tailgate spread a bit more unique.

7-layer taco dip: The end-all-be-all of tailgate dips must be the coveted seven-layer. Everyone seems to have their secret recipe, but here’s a great seven-layer recipe that is sure to please.

Now that you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to the top tailgate foods, you can put these recipes to use and deliver an unforgettable dining experience for your group. Being prepared with the most popular tailgate foods is essential for hungry guests, and it’s even more crucial if you are a season ticket holder who hosts every home game.

If you are interested in a prepaid tailgate party where everything is handled for you, check out our post on the best tailgate party experiences to learn more.

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