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NFL | Aug 30, 2023 | 2 min read

The Best NFL Tailgate Parties & GameDay Experiences

Written by
Chris Babu
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Some fans like to watch football at home, but if you’re like us you know that tailgating experiences are where it’s at! The GameDay experience begins with a classic NFL tailgate party and immerses you right into the culture and fandom of your favorite team.    

One of the things we like most about a  football tailgate party is how diehard fans can come together and celebrate their favorite team. Sure, you can host your own party, but attending an official NFL tailgate party offers so much more, including:

  • Meeting more dedicated fans like you
  • No worrying about bringing food or drinks    
  • No setting up    
  • No cleaning up
  • No hosting, come and go as you please!
  • And much more!

As a season ticket holder, the best NFL tailgate party is one where you can pregame in style and kick back with enthusiastic fans.

Find the Right Experience for Your Group

NFL tailgates have evolved far beyond the traditional experiences. Some stadiums have top-quality event spaces that are nearby and provide awesome food and games for fans to celebrate together. Make sure to compare packages and  NFL tailgate party tickets to get the experience that best fits your group. While you’re here, take a look at our list of tailgate companies below and start to decide what you want  for your ultimate pregame experience!    

Bullseye Event Group

Bullseye is well-known for its impressive VIP tailgates where you can eat, drink, enjoy live music and even watch the earlier Sunday games. The group’s Super Bowl Players Tailgate is known as one of the best Super Bowl events around and includes appearances from active NFL players, famous executive chefs (such as Bobby Flay) and live music performances.


When it comes to college football tailgates, these guys don’t mess around. They aim to ignite fan passion, drive attendance, and build loyalty through turnkey tailgate packages, VIP experiences and even custom events. Primarily focused on NCAA and College Football Playoff parties, RevelXP can customize your pregame party to provide the perfect experience for your group!

On Location

If you haven’t purchased tickets yet and are looking to see your favorite team play, check out On Location. As the Official Hospitality Partner of the NFL, On Location can elevate your GameDay experience in many ways. It not only provides pregame hospitality but they also offer discounted hotel accommodations that most fans dream of. From international games to visiting the Pro Football Hall of Fame, there are countless experiences to choose from.

GameDay Tailgate Experience

GTE provides private, classic tailgate parties just a few blocks from the stadium. It offers tons of food, an open bar, memorabilia auctions, lawn games and many other amenities that make your GameDay awesome. If you’re looking for the perfect Jacksonville Jaguars pregame party, look no further than GameDay Tailgate Experience.    

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