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NBA | Jul 31, 2023 | 3 min read

When Do NBA Tickets Go On Sale?

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Chris Babu
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It seems like there is no NBA off-season, and that’s good news for basketball fans.

During the NBA playoffs, there’s the draft lottery. Then there’s the NBA draft. Then there’s NBA Summer League. Before you know it, your team is on the court for preseason games. When do NBA tickets go on sale for the 2023-24 season? Make sure to rely on TiqAssist as your ticket resale partner and to help you prepare for the forthcoming season.

When Does the NBA Schedule Come Out?

Although the schedule has not been officially released, teams have reportedly been informed that the regular season will begin on October 24 and conclude in mid-April. Scheduling details are still being finalized, but based on previous years, basketball fans can expect the official release to come at some point in mid-August. Here’s a look at the schedule release dates over the past several years to give you a better idea of when to expect this next season’s schedule to release:

  • 2022-23: August 17
  • 2021-22: August 20
  • 2020-21: December 4 (COVID-shortened season)
  • 2019-20: August 13
  • 2018-19: August 10
  • 2017-18: August 14
  • 2016-17: August 11
  • 2015-16: August 12
  • 2014-15: August 13
  • 2013-14: August 6

Key Dates and Games for the 2023-24 Season

Though the schedule has not officially been released yet, there are already games you can mark on your calendar. These include:

  • October 5 and 7: Although preseason, the NBA’s Abu Dhabi games will pit the Timberwolves against the Mavericks.
  • Tuesday, October 24: The expected start of the regular season and likely the first time we can see No. 1 draft pick Victor Wembanyama in action.
  • Monday, December 25: Christmas Day games have become must-see TV for NBA fans.
  • February 16-18, 2024: The annual NBA All-Star weekend.
  • Sunday, April 14, 2024: The expected final day of the NBA regular season.

When Do NBA Playoff Tickets Go On Sale?

In all likelihood, playoff implications are going to come down to the final day of the NBA regular season. As soon as matchups are set after the expected April 14 regular season finale, tickets will become available.

If you’re a partial or full season ticket holder, you’ll have first dibs on post-season tickets should your team make the playoffs. After presale opportunities end for season ticket holders, they’ll become available to the general public. Make sure you’re partnered with a vendor such as TiqAssist for NBA season ticket resale so you’re able to access playoff tickets as soon as possible.

Typically, following the conference championship rounds are when NBA Finals tickets go on sale.

When Do NBA Season Tickets Go On Sale?

Most NBA franchises begin selling season tickets in earnest as soon as the previous season ends and the Larry O’Brien trophy is presented to the winning team. Some teams will even begin accepting deposits for the next season while the current season is in progress. With hype building around the NBA draft and NBA Summer League, typically the earlier you can secure season tickets, the better. This is especially true if your favorite team expects to contend for the NBA title.

Unless they sell out, season tickets are typically available for purchase throughout the regular season.

List Your NBA Tickets With TiqAssist

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