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NFL | Feb 26, 2021 | 4 min read

Top Tips for buying 2020 NFL tickets

Written by
Chris Babu
Top Tips for buying 2020 NFL tickets

As we mentioned in our previous article, the following franchises will be welcoming fans to their stadiums for the 2020 NFL season.

–       Dallas Cowboys (Exact capacity TBA)

–       Indianapolis Colts (25 percent capacity limit)

–       Jacksonville Jaguars (25 percent capacity limit)

–       Kansas City Chiefs (22 percent capacity limit)

–       Pittsburgh Steelers (exact capacity TBA)

–       Miami Dolphins (20 percent capacity limit)

Teams are limiting current access to season ticket holders, offering individuals the opportunity to use their membership funds for single-game tickets. Despite priority, however, 25 percent capacity does not cover all season ticket holders.

In this article, we lay out the top tips to secure your spot at a 2020 NFL game as a season ticket holder.

1: Study the Seating Chart

As a season ticket holder, one is accustomed to their specific seat and often does not ponder about views from the other side of the stadium. This time, understanding the seating is important. Fans will not be given access to their usual place inside the stadium, instead three options will likely be automatically given at the time of purchase. Studying the seat chart prior to purchasing can save time and allow buyers to know which view they prefer. At the time of purchase, it is unlikely that a seating chart will be easily accessible to compare the options provided.

Summary: Secure your desired seats quicker and more efficiently by studying the seating chart.

2: Establish a game plan

Due to high demand, tickets will likely sell out quickly. After establishing your preferred seats, one must take into consideration which games to attend.  We advise fans to prioritize the games they want to attend, and purchase according to list. Tickets are being sold for a certain amount of matches, most franchises will offer fans the opportunity to buy for the first three games in one sitting. We have found that there will probably be less demand for the second and third game being sold, therefore the probability to score tickets for this match are higher.

Summary: list which games you want to attend in order of importance, and purchase accordingly

3: Secure a connection

Given a limited capacity, the demand for tickets will be high. In order to avoid faulty internet connection or lagging websites, it is crucial to set up and test access to these websites prior to purchasing. This experience is not mobile friendly, we highly recommend using a laptop or desktop for the process and keeping your phone close by in case any desire to google information comes up. In our experience, we found that chrome is the most compatible system but using Safari or other systems can also work if prepared prior.

Summary: Set up a strong internet connection and avoid using your mobile device for purchasing.

4: Prepare your set up

In order to avoid wasting time, we highly recommend all fans to keep their phone, wallet and credit card information close by. Do not waste time searching around the house for anything while the clock on the website ticks down quickly. Instead, create a set up where all the things one might need to purchase tickets are at arms-length. In addition, try to avoid using credit cards that require a two-step verification system or extra steps to reach your goal. Due to high demand, the website will be slow and thus one should avoid redirecting to anything other than the team’s page.

Summary: put anything you might need to purchase the tickets at arms-length.

5: Understand your team’s ticketing plan

Due to Covid-19, teams are changing the way they sell tickets, therefore one should rethink their purchasing mechanism. If you are buying tickets will the sole purpose of selling for profit beware of the pod system. Most teams will offer a maximum of 8 seats per buyer, however, those tickets cannot be resold separately. Those 8 seats will come in a package and must be sold to one buyer only. Additionally, one will get paid for those seats until the event occurs. Given the nature of the pandemic, events are subject to be cancelled thus the speed in which one makes a profit on selling tickets has been drastically reduced.

Summary: read the terms and conditions of tickets if you are planning on buying bulk or for resale purposes

6: Set your alarm and be flexible 

Obviously, one should set their alarm for a few minutes before tickets go live. It is easy to fall into a routine and forget the exact time the event will go for sale. These tickets will be in high demand, therefore waiting a mere 5 to 10 minutes after being sold will diminish the chances of attending. Lastly, be flexible to seating options. We are living in unprecedented times and seating options will reflect that. If one wants to attend a 2020 NFL match, and open mind is a must.

Summary: set your alarm and be flexible to different seating options

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