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NFL | Feb 11, 2023 | 5 min read

How to Buy & Sell Super Bowl Tickets

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Chris Babu
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The journey to Super Bowl Sunday is an exciting one, and for certain fans, it results in an opportunity or need to resell tickets. However, selling Super Bowl tickets can be more challenging than one might think, as a multitude of factors can impact both the buying and selling price of tickets.

In this article, we explain the methods of getting Super Bowl LVIII tickets, what impacts resale value, and how to price them to maximize resale value.

Key Dates and Info

  • The road to the Super Bowl LVIII begins with the AFC and NFC Championship games on Sunday, January 28th, where the winning teams will secure their spot in the big game.
  • Super Bowl LVIII will take place on February 11th at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Getting Your Super Bowl Tickets

1. Season Ticket Holders’ Super Bowl Lottery

This is your best chance of getting Super Bowl tickets below face value. The process works as follows:

  • Eligibility: To participate in the Super Bowl Ticket Lottery, you must be a season ticket holder of one of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl. This means that you have already purchased season tickets for the current year and have supported the team throughout the regular season and playoffs.
  • Application: The process usually begins with a notification from the team’s ticket office, inviting eligible season ticket holders to apply for the Super Bowl Ticket Lottery.
  • Lottery Draw: After the application period closes, a random drawing is held to determine the winners of the lottery. The number of tickets available through the lottery is extremely limited, so not all season ticket holders who apply will be selected.
  • Purchase: If you are selected as a winner of the Super Bowl Ticket Lottery, you will be notified by the team’s ticket office and given the opportunity to purchase tickets. The exact price will vary depending on the team and the year, but it is generally lower than the market value of Super Bowl tickets.
  • Allocation: The tickets allocated through the Super Bowl Ticket Lottery are typically distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that the earlier you purchase your tickets, the better your chances of getting the best seats in the stadium.

You have excellent chances of listing these tickets profitably and maximizing great value by following along with this article.

2. Other Ways to Obtain Super Bowl Tickets

If you are unable to get tickets through the season ticket holder ticket lottery, good news, there are other ways to obtain Super Bowl tickets! The tradeoff is that ticket prices will be driven by market value at that moment, which a vast majority of the time is higher than the face value of the tickets.

The official outlet for Super Bowl tickets is On Location. With On Location, the Super Bowl tickets are part of a hospitality package, which can include exclusive access to parties. You can select parties specific to the team you are rooting for!

If you aren’t interested in the hospitality aspect of On Location or would like to see what other seats are available, check out these ticket resale marketplaces below for obtaining Super Bowl tickets.

What Impacts Super Bowl Ticket Resale Value

Generally what will impact your profits comes down to the cost of acquiring tickets, demand for the matchup, and your pricing strategy.

It’s important to note that reselling Super Bowl tickets is not a guaranteed profit, as the resale value greatly depends on the matchup of the teams. A great team matchup can resale as much as 3X greater than an unappealing matchup.

Not interested in handling this yourself? You may want to consider simply listing with TiqAssist. Our ticket service dynamically prices for maximum value on all relevant marketplaces. Try it out and learn more here.

Be Ready to Audible – Lookout for These Factors

  • Delayed ticket delivery. Some sites don’t release your tickets until 5 days before the event, making you miss out on peak pricing and forcing you to sell in unfavorable conditions. Make sure to check the date you will get your tickets before purchasing them.
  • Demand for the Teams matching-up. Your profitability depends on a great matchup. Create a strategy for selling your tickets based on the worst-case and best-case scenarios and stick to it. We’ll help you determine that strategy in the next section of this article.
  • Fees imposed by marketplaces. When looking to get your tickets, make sure you factor in what fees you’re paying to the marketplace. If you are trying to sell your tickets, that most likely means you will be paying both buying fees and selling fees. These fees can impact whether you’ll be able to sell at a profit or loss.

If you were able to get tickets through a lottery or directly from the team/venue at below-market value, you should be able to sell your tickets for a profit if the matchups don’t disappoint.

If you purchased tickets at market value, you likely will need some luck on the matchups turning out in your favor to profit or break-even. If the matchups don’t turn out in your favor – price to sell ASAP, so that it doesn’t snowball into losing 30-50% on your tickets.

How To Sell Super Bowl Tickets for Maximum Resale Value

When it comes to getting the best resale price per ticket, you’ll need to have your own pricing strategy based on the price you got your tickets, risk tolerance, and adjustments for market demand.

If you enjoy the process of strategy, listing, and pricing your own tickets, here is some additional guidance for your strategy:

List your tickets before the conclusion of the AFC and NFC Championship games. The AFC and NFC championship games will happen on Sunday, January 28th and two lucky and enthusiastic fan bases will be buying up tickets without much regard for the price as their teams clinch a spot in the Super Bowl.

Once the final matchup is determined, prices will increase based on these factors. The more true it is for each team, the higher the prices may go:

  • Team hasn’t won or been to the Super Bowl in 10+ years.
  • Team has a deep fan base, ideally nationwide.  Cowboys and Packers are prime examples. 
  • Lot of “household names” on each team, ie superstar or generational players
  • Team is geographically close to the venue
  • The venue is a popular destination city.

If it’s not a hot matchup, it’s best to sell quickly, as prices tend to fall rapidly given the limited time to resell and the influx of listings closer to the game.

Yep, We Manage Super Bowl Tickets.

Want to enjoy the game without the time and hassle of managing Super Bowl tickets? Our team of selling experts is here to help. By listing your seats on over 10 marketplaces, you’ll reach nearly 100% of buyers, making your resale a success.

Get started today by sending us an email at with the following details:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Section, row, and seat numbers
  • A copy of your Super Bowl ticket purchase invoice
  • The date you’ll have the tickets in hand.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Selling Super Bowl tickets can be a lucrative opportunity, but there’s a lot of skill and understanding of market drivers that go into selling Super Bowl tickets.

By getting your tickets through the lowest cost method, and maximizing your resale value through strategic listing, you can make the most of your Super Bowl ticket resale.

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