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NCAAM | Feb 12, 2024 | 5 min read

How to Buy and Sell NCAA March Madness Tickets (2024)

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Patrick Dilworth
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Top Tips for Buying and Selling NCAA Tournament Tickets

It’s called March Madness for a reason.

The NCAA tournament is exciting, unpredictable, and for certain fans, it results in an opportunity or need to sell March Madness tickets. However, it can be a challenge to sell NCAA March Madness tickets, as a multitude of factors can impact both the buying and selling price of tickets.

This article explains the methods of getting March Madness tickets, what impacts resale value, and how to sell to maximize resale value.

Key Dates for NCAA March Madness Tickets

The road to Phoenix begins with the NCAA Tournament’s Selection Sunday on March 17th, 2024, where the top teams in College Basketball are seeded for their spots in the big tournament. Here are the key tournament dates to know:

  • First Four Begins: 03/19/24
  • First Round Begins: 03/21/24
  • Second Round Begins: 03/23/24
  • Sweet 16 Begins: 03/28/24
  • Elite Eight Begins: 03/30/24
  • Final Four Begins: 04/06/24
  • NCAA Championship Game: 04/08/24

How to Get NCAA March Madness Tickets

Can Season Ticket Holders Get NCAA March Madness Tickets?

Most schools do not give season ticket holders automatic access to all of their team’s NCAA March Madness games. Some schools, however, give single-game NCAA Tournament opportunities to donors and/or season ticket holders. If you don’t receive tickets from your school, check out these other avenues to require tickets:

Buying NCAA March Madness Tickets

The NCAA offers a variety of options for buyers to acquire tickets to the NCAA Tournament. Buyers can buy individual tickets, multi-game packages, and more through the NCAA Tickets Website.

On Location also offers fans a more complete fan experience as the hospitality provider of the NCAA. With watch parties, tailgates, and more, these options offer various bundling options.

Another option is to buy March Madness tickets on the resale market. Here are some of the top resale marketplaces to check out:

What Impacts NCAA March Madness Ticket Resale Value

Generally, what will impact your profits comes down to the cost of acquiring tickets, demand for the matchup, and your pricing strategy.

It’s important to note that reselling March Madness tickets is not a guaranteed profit, as the resale value greatly depends on the matchup of the teams. A great team matchup can resale as much as 3X greater than an unappealing matchup.

Not interested in handling this yourself? You may want to consider simply listing with TiqAssist. Our ticket service dynamically prices for maximum value on all relevant marketplaces. Try it out and learn more here.

Be Ready to Audible – Lookout for These Factors

  • Delayed ticket delivery –

Some sites don’t release your tickets until 5 days before the event, making you miss out on peak pricing and forcing you to sell in unfavorable conditions. Make sure to check the date you will get your tickets before purchasing them.

  • Demand for the Teams matching-up –

Your profitability depends on a great matchup. Create a strategy for selling your tickets based on the worst-case and best-case scenarios and stick to it. We’ll help you determine that strategy in the next section of this article.

  • Fees imposed by marketplaces –

When looking to get your tickets, make sure you factor in what fees you’re paying to the marketplace. If you are trying to sell your tickets, you will most likely be paying both buying and selling fees. These fees can impact whether you’ll be able to sell at a profit or loss.

If you were able to get tickets through a lottery or directly from the team/venue at below-market value, you should be able to sell your tickets for a profit if the matchups don’t disappoint.

If you purchased tickets at market value, you likely will need some luck on the matchups turning out in your favor to profit or break even. If the matchups don’t turn out in your favor – price to sell ASAP so that it doesn’t snowball into losing 30-50% on your tickets.

Basketball at March Madness Tournament

How To Sell NCAA March Madness Tickets for Maximum Resale Value

When it comes to getting the best resale price per ticket, you’ll need to have your own pricing strategy based on the price you got your tickets, risk tolerance, and adjustments for market demand.

If you enjoy the process of strategy, listing, and pricing your own tickets, here is some additional guidance for your strategy:

List your tickets as soon as you know you’re not attending or as soon after March 17th’s Selection Sunday as you can. Many fans confirm their travel plans far in advance, and listing your seats during that early window (and before a potential upset tanks ticket value) is essential.

If it’s not a hot matchup, it’s best to sell quickly, as prices tend to fall rapidly given the limited time to resell and the influx of listings closer to the game.

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Fans who sell NCAA March Madness tickets.


Selling March Madness tickets can be lucrative, but there’s a lot of skill and understanding of market drivers that go into selling NCAA Tournament tickets.

By getting your tickets through the lowest cost method and maximizing your resale value through strategic listing, you can make the most of your March Madness ticket resale.

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