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NFL | Feb 26, 2021 | 4 min read

Benefits of Owning NFL Season Tickets in 2020

Written by
Chris Babu
NFL football stadium with season ticket holder views and seats

The 2020 NFL season kicked off in an unprecedented manner, leaving fans confused about where they stand with their team. While many franchises opted to avoid fans, others welcomed their loyal followers back into stadiums.

For season ticket holders, this season has been anything but ordinary. Individuals are aware of their options of deferring payment and pushing back their tickets to the 2021 season or using this season in exchange for credit and bonuses. There is, however, a third part of this story.

Owning NFL season tickets in 2020 may appear daunting, but in some ways, it has become a great source of light to shine amongst the darkness that lies around. There are plenty of benefits and perks for existing season ticket holders and reasons for incomers to consider a new purchase.

1: Premium NFL Ticket Offers from Franchises

It is no secret that several franchises have allowed fans back into stadiums in some capacity. This year, however, franchises like the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs made the rules clear: stadium capacity should be met by season ticket holders first and foremost as a reward for their loyalty. Ticketing options and packages changed to abide by the new health standards implemented by teams and the way to access a purchase. To buy tickets, season ticket holders must log into their portal and only approach the deal from that avenue.

The Denver Broncos just announced that fans could return to the stadium and will offer season ticket holders a chance at a lottery system for tickets. Though capacity will be capped at 7.5 percent, season ticket holders remain the only group to be considered for attendance.

2: Insider Offers for NFL Tickets

For NFL season ticket holders of the franchises that shut the doors to their stadiums, the news is not all bad! Fans can continue to rejoice as teams roll out new benefits to thank their loyal customers. The Cleveland Browns just announced a partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings to unveil a new season ticket holder experience. The restaurant boasts new customized sections called the Dawg Pound, modeled after one of the most coveted fan sections in the stadium. The one-of-a-kind project will be available at certain locations around Cleveland, offering fans a stadium-like atmosphere for each Browns match. Season ticket holders for the Cleveland team now have the opportunity to reserve their seats inside the Dawg Pound for the entirety of the season. Though the stadium remains closed, ticket holders can celebrate this premier and have a fun chance to come together as a fan base.

The Miami Dolphins, among other NFL franchises, rewarded their loyal fan base by offering ticket holders a second screening experience during game days. Ticket holders can now reserve a pod and watch the dolphins from the exterior of the Hard Rock Stadium on an industrial-sized screen. The experience is now known as a game-day theatre. Though their stadium is open to season ticket holders, the Dolphins realized their capacity could not accommodate all and chose to provide a second exciting new option.

3: Exciting Merchandise

Despite the revolutionary new stadium, the new Las Vegas Raiders decided to close their doors to fans for the 2020 NFL season. Though season ticket holders remain disappointed in watching from home, the Raiders made up for the sadness by sending each new member a stunning welcome gift. The inaugural season ticket holder box boasted a chic, matte black exterior, but when opened, a replica of their new stadium sat with shining lights. The box included a sound system that played the team’s song. Once season ticket holders removed the stadium’s top that held their ticket book and an exclusive patch, a mini model of the field could be observed. The inaugural season ticket holder box has now turned into a collector’s item, with high demand for it on websites such as eBay, Amazon, and other fan sites.

In addition to gifts, NFL franchises have made it clear that season ticket holders who chose to remain loyal to their team this year will receive several discounts on merchandise sold. Members will also receive seat bonuses and future food discounts.

Las Vegas Raiders season ticket box is an Allegiant Stadium Replica. Many fans have posted unboxing videos and shared images on social media.

4: Waitlists

If you’ve dreamt of owning season tickets for any NFL franchise, now is the time to inquire about the purchase. While normally, each team boasts a staggering waitlist that may last years, sometimes decades, right now, the time might be reduced. By contacting your preferred team and inquiring about becoming a member, you could join a heavily reduced waitlist and plan for the future when fans are allowed back into stadiums. Though contacting a team might not mean owning tickets immediately, you might be pleasantly surprised at the condensed wait time compared to years past. It could be a shortcut to your dream come true.

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