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Vegas Golden Knights

Maximize the resale value and save time by following these simple tips for selling Vegas Golden Knights tickets.

How do I price Vegas Golden Knights on a resale marketplace? 

First, look at comparable resale listings.  Comparable resale listings are seats that are similar or closer in distance to center ice and four rows behind you or closer to the ice. If you have seats on the “home team attacks twice” side, you will not want to compare to the “visiting team attacks twice” side. Find the cheapest seats that meet that criteria, then price above or below based on the below information. 

Second, you can gauge the direction of the market and whether to price below or above the competition based on the following attributes. The more negatives apply to the game, the lower you should price your tickets because it’s extremely likely the tickets will drop in price even more. 


  • Selling within one month of the game. The closer the game, the lower the prices will be in general
  • Home team is likely not going to the playoffs or underperforming expectations
  • Key injuries to either the home team or the visiting team
  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday games. Monday being the worst, Tuesday second worst
  • Low resale value opponents
    • Lottery pick team, minimal legacy, doesn’t draw well on the road
    • Examples (the worst resale teams shown first): Arizona Coyotes, Anaheim Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes, Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks
  • The game is part of a home back-to-back, a long homestand, or 3 home games in 4 days type situation
  • Bad weather
  • Day games
  • Games on a Sunday during the NFL season


  • Selling more than one month from the game. The further away from the game, the more you can sell your tickets for in general
  • Home team is performing to or better than the expectation going into the season
  • Opponent is performing to or better than the expectation going into the season
  • Great resale value opponents
    • Either they are a legacy team, have superstars, a deep fanbase, or are a championship contender
    • Examples (the best resale teams shown first): Washington Capitals, Chicago Blackhawks Boston Bruins, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday games (Saturday being the best)
  • Rivalry game

What other tips are there for selling Vegas Golden Knights tickets? 

The schedule release is the best time to list tickets, as it’s a full-on seller’s market. There are very few tickets available for sale, so not much competition. At the same time, there is a spike in demand from the die-hard fans that are willing to pay top dollar to secure the big game tickets. Low supply + high demand = high sales prices.

To learn more about best practices around ticket resale and the top ticket resale marketplaces, read our blog articles on “Best Tips for Selling NHL Tickets” and “How to resell tickets online.

What are the highest sale price Vegas Golden Knights games of the year?

  • Tue 10/12 Seattle Kraken at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Fri 10/22 Edmonton Oilers at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Fri 12/10 Philadelphia Flyers at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Sat 1/8 Chicago Blackhawks at Vegas Golden Knights 
  • Mon 1/17 Pittsburgh Penguins at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Sat 2/26 Colorado Avalanche at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Thu 3/3 Boston Bruins at Vegas Golden Knights

Resale prices tend to be higher if the opponent has a long-running legacy, superstars, a deep fanbase, is a potential championship contender, and is on the weekend.

What are the worst resale value Vegas Golden Knights games of the year? 

We recommend that you list these games immediately, as resale value for these games have the highest likelihood of dropping, which also increases the risk that you can’t resell the tickets.

  • Sun 10/24 New York Islanders at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Wed 12/8 Dallas Stars at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Sun 1/2 Winnipeg Jets at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Tue 1/11 Toronto Maple Leafs at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Tue 3/1 San Jose Sharks at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Thu 3/24 Nashville Predators at Vegas Golden Knights
  • Wed 4/6 Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights

Resale prices tend to be lower if the opponent is projected to be a lottery pick team, has a limited

fanbase, lacks all-stars, and the game is on a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. 

Which marketplaces do buyers usually use for buying Vegas Golden Knights tickets?

The top resale marketplaces that Vegas Golden Knights buyers go to are pretty evenly split between Stubhub, SeatGeek, Ticketmaster, and VividSeats.

How do I log into my Vegas Golden Knights season ticket account?

Through web browsers, you can go to

For the app experience, you can download the AXS app for IoS or Android.  

How do I list Vegas Golden Knights tickets?

For expert tips on how to sell Vegas Golden Knights tickets on your favorite marketplace, read our blog article “How to Sell Tickets Online.”

Where can I sell Vegas Golden Knights tickets? 

The best marketplaces to sell your Vegas Golden Knights tickets are AXSStubhubSeatGeek and Gametime. Note, VividSeats currently only supports the resale of physically printed tickets or PDF e-tickets.

How do I transfer Vegas Golden Knights tickets?

To transfer your Vegas Golden Knights tickets, go to on your phone or desktop. Click on “Manage Tickets” (depending on your device it may be “Tickets” or “My Events”) and then click on the game that you want to transfer. Lastly, click the “Transfer” button and fill in the required information. 

Is it legal to resell Vegas Golden Knights tickets?

There are no federal or state laws prohibiting the resale of tickets. Certain states do have rules and regulations around whether a broker license is required, how much above face value you can list the tickets for, or whether you can sell the tickets on the premise of the stadium.

Why should I sell my Vegas Golden Knights tickets with TiqAssist?

  • Tickets are listed on every major ticket resale marketplace, so you reach 100% of buyers and can get 10-15% higher resale prices on average.
  • TiqAssist selling experts fully manage the resale process for you, all you do is click “List” on the games you want to sell.
  • All tickets listed with TiqAssist are guaranteed to sell.  If the tickets have not sold 3 days prior to gametime, TiqAssist will offer to purchase the tickets at fair-market value.
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