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General | Feb 26, 2021 | 4 min read

Selling Season Tickets | Your Guide

Written by
Chris Babu
Selling Season Tickets Your Guide

Becoming a season ticket holder may be one of the most exciting positions a sports fan can achieve! Attending each game and cheering on all-star legends without a worry about last minute ticket purchases or sold out games. What happens, however, if a season ticket holder cannot attend a game?

This post exists to answer the question: “how to sell season tickets?”   

First Steps and Doubts When Selling Season Tickets

Months before its start, franchises will announce the coveted schedule for their upcoming season. As thrilling as the schedule release may be, however, it also doubles as go time for season ticket holders hoping to sell their seats. Our journey and guide starts here: one has just received the calendar and their tickets, now what?

–       After analyzing the schedule, one must immediately attempt to identity which games to attend or sell. Though we understand any last-minute changes or emergencies that may alter plans, we urge season ticket holders to assess which games they wish to list right away. Demand is never greater than after the release of the calendar and timing is of the essence.

–       Once the individual has defined the games to list for selling, we recommend heavy research on the plethora of ticketing platforms. Ticketmaster, Stubhub, Vivid Seats, which medium is right? How does one even begin selling on these websites? How many buyers can one reach on any website alone?

–       The third step, arguably the most important, relies on ticket prices. When selling tickets individually, one must decide how to value and charge for their seats. Raising the prices on tickets may result in a failure to sell, while undervaluing seats can leave money on the table.

This all may seem daunting but don’t worry, we’re here to help! We at TiqAssist serve to save customers from all the pitfalls that come with not attending a game.

Conquering the Consequences

Individuals selling their tickets themselves face the penalties of ticketing platforms, seat pricing and a pressure of time.

Ticketing Platforms

–       Season ticket holders selling on their own may only publish their seats on one ticketing website. For example, one cannot choose to post on both Vivid Seats and Ticketmaster to see which sells first. Should the tickets be sold on both platforms, the individual is penalized financially and possibly banned from selling any future events. Uploading the tickets to one marketplace, however, consequentially results in reaching a maximum of 20-30 percent of buyers on the market.

–       When selling the tickets with us, however, season ticket holders are guaranteed to reach 80-90 percent of buyers. Through our system and technology, we reach customers that remain otherwise unlocked to the common seller. We as a company hold the right to publish on all major marketplaces without the penalization that individuals might experience. In addition, because we reach a higher volume of buyers on the market, TiqAssist customers do not need to lower prices to remain competitive or appear as the cheapest option to sell. In turn, the payouts stays high for clients.

Seat Pricing

–       When partnering with TiqAssist, season ticket holders no longer have to go through the hassle and stress of pricing their own tickets. Often, individuals make the grave mistake of over or underpricing their product. The initial ticket price may become a greater issue as the event approaches and prices adjust to fit the market. Individuals must remain highly alert to the market for the event in order to update and fix their posting to stay relevant. If a season ticket holder forgets to revise a ticket posting, the seat will most likely not sell. This process can be extremely tedious and time-consuming, and often results in “eating one’s tickets” at the end of all the effort.

–       At TiqAssist, we ensure clients that their tickets are fairly priced and competitive by using our internal technology and data from top marketplaces. Due to our ability to publish on all marketplaces, we analyze and understand demand on a day to day basis, allowing each ticket posting to be updated accordingly. Our premier technology updates the price on average every 10 minutes depending on the market’s demands. As the event’s popularity increases, we raise the prices to match the market. Again, due to our reach, we do not need to lower prices to remain competitive or appear as the cheapest option to sell.

The Pressure of Time

–       We must continue to stress that timing is of the essence. The sooner one lists their tickets to sell, the less chance one will end up “eating their tickets.” The ideal moment to begin selling is after the release of the schedule, however, we understand that it may not be convenient to all.  The closer to the event, however, the more ticketing competition appears. As an independent seller, timing can result in becoming a grave mistake, particularly if the ticket reaches the 72-hours prior to the event. Those 72-hours prior to the event are the most crucial and stressful in selling a ticket. Often, when arriving to that point, sellers will accept the loss and attend the game themselves. Our clients, however, obtain the option of selling their tickets to us. In offering to buy the seats, we assure that no TiqAssist client takes a full loss on any game they don’t wish to attend.

–       Though we recommend listing with us as soon as possible, almost immediately following the schedule release as well, we accommodate fans that cannot plan in advance. Our personalized APP offers clients the ability to list their tickets in a matter of seconds while we take care of the rest. Timing no longer becomes a crucial aspect in the game of selling seats. Due to our technology, we update listings on a timely basis that promotes the selling of tickets quicker. In addition, while we only reach the last 72-hours prior to the game without selling the tickets about 5 percent of the time, we will never leave a customer out of options. They can choose to use their tickets or sell them to us for market value.

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