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We price your NCAAF season for free, you select the games to sell, and we handle the rest! Plus, your first listing is FREE!
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Every ticket is professionally priced
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How it works

Owning season tickets is a lot of work! We created a simple yet powerful app that helps you easily manage and sell your college football season tickets.

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    Sign Up Get All Your Games Priced

    After signing up for our service, we professionally price each NCAAF game in your entire season and continually monitor and update pricing in real-time – all for FREE!

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    Select Any Game We List & Sell It

    Save hours by using our powerful technology and selling experts. Pick a college football game, tap ‘LIST,’ and you’re done! We list it to 10+ marketplaces, reaching up to 5x the buyers! Decide you want to go? Delisting is just as easy.

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    Tickets Sold Transferred Get Paid

    After the sale, we transfer your NCAAF tickets to the buyer and deposit funds directly into your bank account after the event.
    Our 100% Sale Guarantee ensures no tickets go unsold. If your tickets don’t sell within three days of the event, we’ll offer to buy them at fair market value

Value & Benefits

TiqAssist was created by season ticket holders, so we understand the stress of managing and selling your NCAAF tickets. We aim to provide the best NCAAF season ticket resale experience.

List with Confidence, Sell with Ease

Get accurate, competitively priced NCAAF tickets – monitored and updated in real-time. Instantly know what your college football tickets are selling for. Feel empowered in every listing decision with our proprietary tech and exceptional customer support available 7 days a week.

Reclaim Valuable Time in Your Day

Pricing, listing, monitoring, and selling NCAAF tickets can feel like a full-time job. With our easy ‘List’ button – what took hours now takes under 10 seconds. Reclaim your day to focus on what matters!

Never Worry Tickets Go Unsold

Only TiqAssist offers a 100% sale guarantee! In the rare event that your college football tickets haven’t sold with three days left to the event, we’ll offer to buy them at fair market value, guaranteeing they don’t go unsold.

Supercharge Your
NCAAF Ticket Resale

NCAAF ticket resale isn’t a level playing field. Selling on your own, you only reach a fraction of buyers and miss out on valuable data, real-time pricing, and the expertise that comes with managing $20M+ in sales. TiqAssist levels the playing field for you.

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by Sports Fans

Way less stress than trying to list and sell tickets myself. Super easy to use. I highly recommend their service!
Best ticket sales app on the market. Everyone should use TiqAssist!
Best app out there for season ticket holders! Accurate pricing, easy to use, great customer service, and lets me plan around my hectic schedule.
The best!

TiqAssist is the best! I signed up last minute last season, and they were super responsive, helpful, and made the process as easy as possible! The new app is awesome!

June 5, 2023
Helpful app

Incredibly helpful app for listing and selling tickets. I quickly list almost my entire season with them, and they handle the rest.

May 23, 2023
Amazing service

I’ve used TiqAssist for a while now, and their mobile app just made listing way easier! As the owner of multiple seats at multiple arenas/stadiums, TiqAssist takes away the hassle of listing and monitoring pricing. That, and I’ve always made more money selling on their platform than I had listing directly even despite their commission fee. Great company. Highly recommend. I would never take the pain of listing directly again. This app connects directly to my Various season ticket accounts (and would if you are listing individual tickets you have for a single event as well), and the extremely simple UI allows me to list and de-list with one click!

May 15, 2023
Best money for tickets

FINALLY! They made an app for season ticket holders! So easy to use, seats sell fast and for top dollar! I’m going to recommend this to all my friends who own seats.

May 11, 2023
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Our Commission

The TiqAssist app, ticket pricing, and listing NCAAF seats are FREE. Your exact commission is set after account setup and only applied to tickets sold. Most clients get the same or higher net payouts selling through TiqAssist without dealing with the hassles of selling their NCAAF tickets.

How is My

Your commission is determined by the total value of your NCAAF seats. We prioritize transparency by specifying our commission and third-party selling fees on each NCAAF ticket within your account.

First Listing is

We’re confident you’ll love the service, so the TiqAssist commission is complimentary on your first listing’s sale! You just need to cover the standard marketplace selling fee.

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Who Do We

TiqAssist works seamlessly with top NCAA teams and every team in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS..

  • Full NCAAF Season Ticket Package

    This package contains the entire season. You own and have access to list and sell any game of the NCAAF season.

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  • Partial NCAAF Season
    Ticket Package

    This package contains only part of the NCAAF season. You purchased and can only sell a portion of the season (e.g. half, quarter, mini package) or share the season with other people – in this scenario, you can also share your TiqAssist dashboard!

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  • NCAAF Postseason

    This package is in addition to your NCAAF season ticket package. We handle all playoff ticket sales and purchase playoff packages (along with a cash incentive) if you do not opt to purchase yours.

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