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General | Mar 17, 2021 | 3 min read

Renewing Season Tickets: The Process

Written by
Chris Babu
renewing season tickets the process

TiqAssist makes renewing season tickets a breeze!  In our previous articles, we discussed the path to buying season tickets and the questions to ask prior to purchasing. We realize, however, that season ticket ownership is a path with many doubts along the way- and we’re always here to help. The following article is intended for existing holders with doubts or questions about renewal. 

Often, fans will reach a point in their journey where season tickets that once fulfilled a lifelong dream now stand as a hassle or burden. The passion for sports remains, but life gets in the way. We understand. Once in that position, most season ticket holders believe in two options: selling or rearranging schedules to attend games. Don’t fret, we are here to provide better and more exciting options.  

1: Find someone to take over your seats for the time being (a year, or longer)

  • Think of this as a timeshare, but for seats. Season tickets are hard to come by, especially in the lower bowl. If a fan chooses to give up their opportunity, the chances of obtaining these seats again remains extremely low. We recommend fans speak to others within their social circle or network to share the experience. Between two or more fans, the percentage of games managed decreases drastically. This option allows for both a formal and informal arrangement, depending on the season ticket holder. Flexibility stands as key, specially for fans not willing to make a permanent decision on the future of their seats.  

2: Sell seats with us! 

  • TiqAssist serves several clients that once were unsure whether to keep or let go of their  season tickets. Certain fans were doubtful that selling their tickets would the decision to stay on board with a franchise- we can assure them it does. Our process is easy: clients share their seat location with us and we create a personalized web-based dashboard for all available games. If life happens, fans can list seats with us at any time and we take care of the rest. We see fans pursue this option more and more, leaving them much happier than other season ticket holders who simply gave up their tickets right before their team went on thrilling playoff runs. We enable our clients to once again live the emotional and passionate highs of being simply a sports fan, while assuring ticket sales on the back end. 
  • contact to learn more or check out our TiqAssist technology article to see how we work. 

3: Switch to seats that better meet your current situation

The annual Seat Upgrade window is a great opportunity to adjust season ticket packages to fit a current situation. Here are various options to pursue in that call: 

  • If a fan owns four or more seats, perhaps dropping down to two seats makes sense. Purchasing extra seats on the resale market for special games is always a viable option. 
  • Downgrade to less expensive seats. This is far from a negative. Often moving a few rows back can provide a better vantage point for seeing plays unfold and a detailed view of the action. This slight difference can unload a huge financial load. 
  • Move to a smaller game plan, whether that is a half-season or smaller. 

4: Move on from your season tickets

Hopefully this is a last resort, but here are the options:

  • If applicable, sell the seat license:
  • Each team has an official marketplace for reselling a seat license. The volume of transactions on these marketplaces is generally low, so be prepared for this process to take possibly months. 
  • Pro tip: by clicking around, the marketplace may provide a downloadable list of recent sales. This will help greatly when trying to determine the true market value of tickets, as season ticket holders generally list their licenses for unrealistic amounts. 
  • If selling while the team is struggling, be prepared for the licenses to be selling for below cost. Chances are many season ticket holders are looking to exit as well, leading to a large supply of licenses to sell, and limited demand from buyers. 

TiqAssist stands to assist season ticket holders by bringing back the magic of sports. Do less, make more.

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