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NBA Season Ticket Resale

Try our strategies for selling National Basketball Association tickets and make every sale a slam dunk!

When can I sell my NBA tickets with TiqAssist?

We give you the opportunity to start selling your unwanted tickets as soon as you secure your season package and the NBA ticket resale marketplaces activate your specific games. Typically, this happens within hours of the season schedule announcement. If you already know your exact seats for the upcoming season, you can start listing before your tickets appear in your account. Otherwise, it’s best to wait until after your exact seat locations are finalized.

When is the best time to sell my tickets?

Posting your tickets as soon as possible is the best idea for a number of reasons. First and foremost, early buyers tend to pay more. This is because these are the buyers with the highest level of demand. Die-hard fans who want to secure marquee games will be jumping on them as soon as possible. The other thing to consider is that the longer you wait, the more competition there will be as other ticketholders start to put their seats up on the marketplaces.

If you can’t list your tickets right at the time of the schedule release, you should try to have them listed at least several weeks before the start of the season. This is normally when general fan excitement is at its highest point, and you’ll be able to price your tickets higher than otherwise. Plus, it’s worth noting that there won’t be any significant player injuries that can affect demand.

How does TiqAssist price my tickets? 

Our approach involves using technology that prices your tickets based on the most current, up-to-the-minute data. We look at what comparable tickets are selling for, as well as your seats’ location, strength of the visiting team and more.

The ticketing technology we use ensures your prices stay competitive but also provide you with the highest possible return. On average, users earn 10% to 15% more when they sell their basketball tickets through us than they would if they attempted to do so themselves. This is why we’re the best place to sell NBA tickets. To learn more about how we compare to other resale websites, read our blog about marketplace comparisons.


  • Selling within one month of the game. The sooner the game day, the lower the prices will be overall
  • Having tickets close to half-court
  • Home team with a poor record or is likely not to make the playoffs
  • Key injuries to big-name players on either team
  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday games. Monday being the worst, Tuesday second worst
  • Low resale value opponents, such as lottery pick teams, those with minimal legacies and those that don’t draw well on the road
  • If the game is part of a home back-to-back, a long homestand, or 3 home games in 4 days type situation
  • Bad weather that could depress turnout
  • Day games
  • Games that take place on a Sunday during the NFL season


  • Selling more than one month from the game. The further away you are from the game date, the more you can get for your tickets in general
  • Home team is performing better than preseason expectations
  • Opponent is expected to be a playoff team
  • Great resale value opponents, including legacy teams, those that currently have superstars, those with a deep fanbase or any that are a current championship contender
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday games (Saturday being the best)
  • Rivalry games
  • Games on important holidays such as during Thanksgiving week, Christmas, or Martin Luther King day

Where does TiqAssist sell my NBA tickets?

We sell your NBA tickets on more than 10 of the most popular online ticket marketplaces, including:

  • StubHub
  • Ticketmaster
  • Gametime
  • Vivid Seats
  • AXS
  • and more

Why should I sell my NBA tickets with TiqAssist?

  • We list your tickets on every major NBA ticket resale marketplace, so you will be able to reach 100% of interested buyers and earn 10-15% higher resale prices on average.
  • Our dedicated ticket experts fully manage the entire resale process for you, so all you have to do is click “List” on the games you want to sell.
  • All tickets listed with TiqAssist are guaranteed to sell. If your tickets are still unsold 3 days prior to gametime, we will offer to purchase the tickets from you at fair-market value.
  • Our resale guarantee means you’ll never have to worry about being stuck with unwanted seats you can’t unload.
  • TiqAssist can handle selling any playoff tickets you have if your team makes it that far.

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