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NBA Tickets: Best Tips for Selling

by | Nov 13, 2021 | NBA

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It’s an exciting time of the year for NBA season ticket holders, as many haven’t been able to watch their favorite team live in almost two years. The talent level across the western conference and eastern conference has exploded, making every night interesting to watch. It seems the NBA’s efforts against tanking are working, as there are fewer teams than years past fielding non-competitive (and non-interesting) rosters.  

As exciting as the NBA is right now, we know most season ticket holders can’t make it out to all the home games in the NBA schedule, so selling tickets through resale marketplaces is a necessity. That’s understandable – whether it’s weekday NBA games that end too late at night, weekend commitments, or you need to resell the most valuable NBA games to finance your season ticket investment.

On top of that, a multitude of newer ticket resale marketplaces has gained traction with buyers. The particular resale marketplace that you choose to list on may have fewer buyers than it used to. In the best-case scenario, you are only reaching 30% of buyers by listing on only one resale marketplace, making ticket selling more time-intensive, stressful, and challenging. TiqAssist’s technology broadcasts to 10+ marketplaces to reach 4x the buyers.


Soft NBA ticket prices to begin the 2021-2022 season.

In many key markets, we see increased supply coupled with decreased demand, which leads to lower resale prices. Based on the conversations we’ve had to date with our clients and insights from Sportico, there’s a few common themes as to why there is more supply and less demand.

  • In markets that require vaccinations, non-vaccinated season ticket holders need to resell all their tickets, which is increasing supply.  Demand takes a hit too as non-vaccinated fans can’t attend.
  • In markets where negative COVID tests are required in the absence of proof of vaccination, this places an additional hurdle/expense to attending games.
  • Parents with unvaccinated children are avoiding the stadium
  • Increased Delta variant transmission concerns specific to attending indoor events. 
  • Clients are willing to wait to return to the stadium a few more months, with the mindset that the gameday experience will eventually return to normal. 

Other factors like avoiding public transportation and having less workers going into major cities we believe have negatively impacted ticket prices as well. Our hope is a lot of these factors subside in impact soon, but for the time being are a reality to consider when pricing tickets.

Visiting teams that have proved to be strong “road draws” to begin the 2021-2022 season.

We’ve seen buyers secure their seats in advance the most when these teams are coming into town: Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and Golden State Warriors.

Pricing Tips for NBA Tickets

Pricing can vary significantly by the marketplace.

We typically look at Ticketmaster and Stubhub to price our tickets, and sometimes the prices can vary wildly between the two.  Sometimes one marketplace doesn’t have much supply on-hand, which can lead to prices that are unrealistically high.  The marketplace with the higher number of listings is likely to be a better proxy of what the true market value of the tickets. 

When pricing your tickets, find comparables based on the following guidelines.

 If you have seats near the home bench, look at seats on the home side of the court. Same goes for visitor-side seats. Seats on the side of the court with the player’s benches carry a slight premium, so don’t compare those seats to mirror seats on the other side of the court. 

If you have three seats together or more, you will get a premium over what pairs are selling for.

 It’s harder to find three or more seats together relative to a pair, so buyers need to generally pay a premium of 10-15% for three seats together. If you can sell five or six seats, you might command as much as a 30% premium over a pair!  Buyers looking for that many seats typically plan ahead, which means buying when prices are higher in the life cycle of a ticket. 

If you have three or more seats and can’t find comparable seats to price against, consider looking at a comparable pair of seats and pricing 15-30% above that pair.

Listing Strategies for NBA Season Tickets

A lot of these guidelines apply to most sports, but are worth repeating!


List sooner to maximize your sale price

List your tickets as far out from the event as possible. Most season ticket holders either overprice their tickets and/or list too close to the event. That leads to a lot of tickets being on the marketplace leading up to the game, which often causes tickets to sell for below cost as sellers undercut each other.

List early week games or low-resale value opponents first, and price the tickets to sell quickly.

These games tend to see high supply as the game approaches because season ticket holders don’t want to go, and there is rarely any demand on the buyer-side. If you know you are unlikely to attend these games, best to get out ahead of the falling prices and sell early.

Get your 2nd half tickets listed ASAP if your team may fall out of playoff contention.

Once the team loses sight of playoffs, fans lose interest which leads to high supply and low demand, and prices tank.

Pay off your payment plan as soon as possible.

While a 0% interest payment plan seems great on the surface, you can’t list tickets that are not paid in full. Delaying reselling your listings can cost you significantly in the end via the lower resale prices that you are likely to encounter as the game nears.

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Reselling NBA tickets is a reality for most season ticket holders and has become more challenging as the effects of the pandemic linger, and more resale marketplaces have emerged. Your best shot at success is listing as far in advance as possible and following our pricing tips above.

These tips were written by our selling experts. Follow us on social media to get more up-to-date information and the latest tips to give you an edge when selling tickets.


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