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MLB | Mar 27, 2021 | 5 min read

MLB 2021 Season Information

Written by
Chris Babu
MLB 2021 Season Information

All MLB teams announced fans will return to stands at some capacity in 2021. While the number varies by franchise, below is a list to make it easier. This article also details vital information for season ticket holders. Though not all MLB teams have made their stance clear, below are those who have.  

  • Pirates:
  • Astros:
    • The club introduced a “phased approach that, depending on demand, could increase their originally planned”
    •  25% capacity for the April 8 home opener.
    • For their 14 home games in April, the Astros presented season ticket holders “four options: keeping their existing seats, relocating elsewhere in the ballpark to ensure social distancing, pausing their accounts for April or donating their April tickets to health care workers or first responders.” If season ticket holders keep their existing seats, the Astros “cannot ensure social distancing around them”
  • Mariners:
    • 9,000 fans allowed at the moment
    • For now, the team is selling tickets for only the first 11 games of the season. The team will offer a presale starting March 24 to those who subscribe to the “Mariners Mail” newsletter ( Remaining tickets for single-game buyers will be available at 10 a.m. on March 25.  
  • Braves:
    • The Braves will limit Truist Park’s seating capacity to 33% for the start of the season, including the April 9 home opener
    • That means about 13,500 fans will be allowed in the 41,000-seat stadium, Season-ticket holders “will have the opportunity” to repurchase tickets to all 14 April home games in socially distanced pods.
    •  Other options will include getting “priority access” to single-game tickets for a lesser number of games in April, or using the credit toward games later in the season, or requesting a refund. 
  • SF Giants
    • The Giants will allow season-ticket holders to choose between four-game packages or single-game tickets, and if they choose a package, they may select one out of three options. 
    • There will be just over 8,000 seats available with limited capacity. 
    • those with one or two seats may purchase a two-seat pod for each game in the package, those with three or four seats may purchase a four-seat pod and those with five or six may obtain one four-seat pod and one two-seat pod.
    • Fans who wish to attend specific games, especially the April 9 home opener against Colorado, will have better luck obtaining seats — especially seats in their desired location — if they purchase a package. 
    • Season-ticket holders who do not wish to attend games in April may opt out via a survey link that will be provided in Monday’s letter; any credit remaining at the end of the season may be applied to 2022 season tickets, earning a 5% bonus.  
  • Tampa Bay
  • 11,020 fans allowed at the moment (20% capacity). 
  • A’s FlexTix buyers will have the first priority to redeem their 16 or 32 ticket voucher package starting on Thursday, March 18, before traditional single-game tickets go on sale Friday. 
  • FlexTix buyers save up to 30% off single-game ticket prices.
  • Rangers: 
  • 100% capacity
  • season-ticket holders will have access to their ticketed seats.  
  • Following the home opener, the Rangers will offer socially distanced seating in some sections of the ballpark for those who prefer a socially distanced seating arrangement. 
  • Yankees:
    • 20% capacity. 
    • The Yankees said season-ticket holders will get the first opportunity to purchase tickets, which will be available in ticket pods only.
    • These “limited capacity tickets” are currently only available for the first 11 regular-season home games, from April 1 through April 21.
    • The Yankees open the season at home on April 1 and can bring in approximately 10,850 fans. 
    • Fans will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination and follow strict social distancing guidelines.
  • Mets: 
  • 8,384 fans allowed at the moment (20% capacity)
  • Fans will be required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination and follow strict social distancing guidelines.
  • Dodgers: 
  • 20% capacity
  • Dodgers restricted to selling about 11,000 seats under state coronavirus guidelines, the team said it would hold a lottery open to anyone for the chance to buy an extremely limited number of opening day tickets.
  • All season tickets will be scrapped through June 2. The funds for those tickets would be credited to the ticket holders’ account and available for use through 2022.
  • They have offered season-ticket holders the chance to buy one of two 14-game packages, with each package including a presale opportunity for opening day. 
  • The packages will be sold in pods of as few as two and as many as six tickets, so as to allow for required social distancing between groups. The location could be close to — or far from — a ticket holder’s usual seats. 
  • For now, the Dodgers are making no changes to their season-ticket plans beyond June 2. Season-ticket holders choosing not to buy one of the 14-game packages would retain their seats thereafter. 
  • Nationals
  • 5,000 fans allowed at the moment (12 percent capacity)
  • They will sell tickets in pods of one to six people, and suites will open at reduced capacity. 
  • Season ticket holders will be given the chance to purchase tickets first based on tenure and the size of their plan before any remaining single-game tickets are made available to the general public. 
  • Twins:
  • Diamondbacks
  • 12,000 fans allowed at the moment (25% capacity)
  • The team began offering those seats to season-ticket holders dating back to the start of February in anticipation of eventually getting approval. 
  • on March 7, the club said: “Hopefully, things will go smooth, we’ll see these numbers continue to go down and we can offer many more seats in the second, third, fourth month, if we can.”
  •  Orioles 
  • 11,000 fans allowed at the moment (25% capacity)
  • The team will be implementing pod seating and digital ticketing, while prohibiting bags and cash, and outlawing autographs. All protocols fall in line with most teams.
  • Season ticket holders will be given the chance to purchase tickets first based on tenure. 
  • Cubs
    • 8,300 fans allowed at the moment (20% capacity)
    • The stadium will impose contactless payment and mobile ticketing, plus socially distanced seating.
    • Season ticket holders will be forced into pod seating to align with social distancing regulations
    • Season ticket holders will be given the chance to purchase tickets first based on tenure.
  • Padres:
    • 8,000 fans allowed at the moment (20% capacity) 
    • Season-ticket holders will receive priority access to games, the Padres announced. The Padres have yet to announce detailed health-and-safety protocols.
  • Rays:
    • 9,000 (roughly 20% capacity)
    • The Rays previously scrapped their traditional season-ticket locations and unveiled a model that allows fans to choose from six “season membership” levels
  • White sox: 8,650 (20% capacity)
  • Reds: 12,700 (30% capacity)
  • Indians: 10,500 (30% capacity)
  • Rockies: 21,363 (42.6% capacity)
  • Tigers: 8,200 (20% capacity)
  • Angels: 8,650 (20% capacity)
  • Brewers: 10,475 (25% capacity)
  • Phillies: 8,600 (20% capacity)
  • Cardinals: 14,600 (32% capacity), Season ticket holders will have priority to sales. 
  • Blue Jays: 1,275 (15% capacity) with the hope to return to Rogers Centre in Toronto for the second half of the season.

updates will be made as information becomes available.

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