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    Partner with the Pros
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    Sign up with your season ticket seat information, and our team will create a custom dashboard with each game in your season priced by our selling experts.

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    Choose Games to Sell
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    Simply choose the games you want to list and you’re done! If you later decide you want to go to a game, as long as it hasn’t sold, you can easily remove your listing.

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    We Sell Your Tickets
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    Once listed:

    • Your tickets are broadcasted on 10+ marketplaces reaching closer to 100% of online buyers.
    • Algorithms monitor and update your ticket pricing using real-time data, ensuring the best possible sale price.
    • We transfer your tickets to the buyer and deposit final payment directly to your bank account.
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    100% Sale Guarantee
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    We are so confident in our technology and selling experts that on the rare occasion your tickets don’t sell within three days of the game, we’ll offer you cash value for them, guaranteeing they don’t go unsold.


After confirming your information, your commission rate is based on your overall seat value. Tap on any game in your account to see a complete pricing breakdown of 3rd party fees (e.g., Ticketmaster, StubHub, SeatGeek, etc.) and TiqAssist’s commission. 


All proceeds direct deposit into your bank account weekly. We process payments on Tuesdays following the date the event occurred. Allow up to 3 business days for payments to arrive in your account.

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